A match is played between two teams with five players on each team, for 40 minute duration. Scores are counted in number of games won, and the team with the most games won is declared as the winner. Each game is played in a format similar to that of lawn tennis, where players make 15, 30, and 40 points, followed by a point that wins the game.

Every play begins with a service, where a player from one team throws the ball from the service area. Serves have to be returned on the full. If the serve falls beyond the midfield, the ball is allowed to bounce once before it is returned. The play continues with back and forth returns, where each team tries to return the ball as far as possible, until a point is scored.

Points are scored in two different ways, which are

  • Direct – a team directly wins a point, if a player hits the ball past opponent’s end line, if the opponents are unable to advance the ball, or if a player contacts the ball with any other part of the body.
  • Postponed – a postponed point is received by a team in the subsequent play after teams change sides, if the team is able to throw the ball beyond the line where it blocked the ball in the previous play on the other side.

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